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Tory's Home For long term rent available (while she goes on retreat)

Greetings Dear Sangha,
    I want you all to know that I have decided to rent my property out for a year starting this august or september.   I have decided to move to town and live very simply, hopefully at Chautauqua, for part of the time when I will continue to work, and then go on extended retreat.  I plan to return at the end of that year.  
     I would like it if you could spread the word to folks if you know of someone who is a good fit. Here is the link to the Elk Meadow Website.  Website.     Elk Meadow Sanctuary is the name I gave the land during the winter.  Please go to Long Term Lease once on the site.
      Thank you!    So many blessings to you.   Much love.  Tory


Room for Individual Retreat Available in Tory's Beautiful Mountain Home (Magnolia Drive, Nederland - about 20 minutes from downtown Boulder)

(10 day maximum stay)

Large, sunny room with private patio and private bath. Rental includes: shared kitchen (silence honored), use of large meditation area/dance studio with big windows and mountain views, 10 acre property with beautiful vistas and easy access to forest trails. Some photos are available on our Facebook page or Here (Airbnd) or via email inquiry. Thanks for your interest!

Interested? Contact Tory at