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  1. Teacher's Gift: Unless otherwise specified, the cost for these retreats covers only the direct costs plus a minimal amount of payment for the teachings. It is hoped that those        who can will offer an additional teacher's gift at the end of the retreat, as is customary in the Buddhist tradition. 

  1. Cancellation Policy: For one-day retreats, there is a $25 cancellation fee up to one week before event. No refunds will be issued after that. For multi-day retreats, 50% of the retreat cost will be refunded up to one week prior to the retreat start date. No refunds will be issued within one week of the retreat start date. Note: In the event that Tory/Golden Bowl cancels an event due to inclement weather, registrants will recieve a full refund less a $15 administrative fee.

2017/2018 Upcoming Retreat/Event Schedule: 

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Golden Bowl Newsletter

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Dear Sangha,  

After having returned from traveling, studying, practicing, experimenting, and exploring my own psyche and creativity for the past few months, I am ready and excited to offer some new teachings.   We are living in uncertain times and many of us are forgetting our True Natures, one of love, clarity, connection with the natural world, the unseen world, ourselves and each other.  I am finding that many people are longing for a spiritual practice to help them see life more clearly, to feel more grounded, to touch that that is bigger than them and to drink from the well of freedom that is inherently ours.    The world needs us to find our hearts, to find our authentic powerful selves and to care for all the beings on this beautiful earth.    Coming back into quiet, where we can hear what is true, what is real, what is love, is the greatest journey we can make.   

I will be offering a meditation/dharma class for beginning and seasoned meditators to either establish a new practice or revive an old one.  I will also be starting a new Dedicated Practitioner’s Group that will be a much bigger commitment for those wanting to dive deeply into their spiritual lives through meditation, the dharma and creativity.    I will be offering a weekend retreat for those interested in getting a taste of this work before committing.    All the information for these offerings is spelled out below.    I will also be leading a few wilderness based retreats this coming year and that information will be posted within the next few weeks.    

I hope whatever your path is that you find peace.   If you decide to join me on any of these offerings I will be delighted to walk along side you for part of this remarkable journey.   Many blessings to you.    With a deep bow…………Tory

5-Week Meditation Group for beginners and established practitioners

    This 5-week series is designed for those who are wanting to establish a daily meditation practice or reconnect with their existing practice and to be nourished by the beautiful and profoundly helpful spiritual teachings of Buddhism and other Eastern thought.    I will be offering meditation instruction and psycho/spiritual teachings that will support your life and your practice.   

No prior experience necessary.    

When – November 13th – December 11th, 2017

Time – 5:30 – 6:45 PM

Where – Suite 12, Crestone Peak Room, 100 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder CO 80304

Price - $175 – 200 (sliding scale)    Scholarships Available!!!!!

Send payment made out to Tory Capron and send to Tory Capron, 5060 Magnolia Dr., Nederland, CO 80466.   Or if cash is easier please make arrangement to give it to me in person.   Registration closes November 10th.  Please contact Tory with questions through email:

                      or phone (303-909-8450)

Dedicated Practitioner’s Group and 2-Day Pre-Retreat

As many of you know I went to France to study with my beloved creativity and spiritual teacher of 9 years, Paul Oertel.   He helped me come to understand my gift accessing consciousness, spiritual depth and profoundly grounded psychology, through the dharma, meditation, and the creative process.    The more I experience my own awakening using the creative process woven together with meditation and the teachings, the more I want to explore this process with you.   

Freedom is found through discipline.    This is why the practice of meditation is so important.   Within the discipline of being with the stillness, the quiet, and the willingness to be with all experience, we find freedom from the onslaught of our minds and of our culture and touch our essential selves.     When we bring this discipline to our art, our creativity, we find the same freedom, the same letting go into our lives and thus come more closely into contact with our True Nature, our undomesticated, pure expression of love.    We begin to tell the truth, to find our heart, to find our spirit.   This practice is more rigorous then most of us can bear so we stay away and become domesticated autotrons unwilling to let life in too close.    And this is why discipline in our practice, our art and our life is fundamental to our freedom. 

I have spent 40 years exploring meditation.    I have also spent many years exploring creativity through improvisation, theater, dance, other movement forms, and writing.   I have always brought some form of creative process into my retreats but I have not focused on it as a primary path to our spiritual journey.    I am seeing that if we don’t attend to this part and only sit in meditation we often bypass a very important part of our engagement with life and of an authentic active relationship with ourselves (the good, the bad and the ugly).   Life is, as Chogyam Trungkpa Rinpoche said, flexible, fickle and ruthless.    When we learn to touch this truth, and our heart, our joy, our pleasure, our sensuality, our humor, there can be a lightness of spirit that arises.  Thich Naht Hahn says… that one must develop a lightness of being in order to feel safe enough to delve into and heal the wounded heart. 

The next phase of my teaching will include meditation, explorations in nature and a deep dive into our creative world.    We will do this creative work through group and individual (witnessed by the group) processes and will be woven deeply together with our psycho/spiritual work.  We will use movement, song, music, sounding, spoken word, poetry, improvisation, mask work, writing, anything that is being called for to further one’s own journey.   Participants will be asked to bring their musings, their art, their open, curious, willing selves to participate in a meeting of soul and spirit.   We are all artists so no one needs to be a declared “artist” in any way.    We can all trust our artistry.   

Because I have found that people tend to get close to true freedom and then back away in fear, laziness and delusion and never actually get to taste the real freedom available to them, I have decided to offer a different type of course.    I am finding that to really go all the way, one needs discipline, a lot of support and strong sangha around them.    They also have to be willing to feel a lot of discomfort at times.   To break through old engrained patterning we have to confront all the old defense mechanisms that have kept us safe.    When we begin to really embrace those habits, acknowledge them, tell the truth about them, it can be uncomfortable, even terrifying.    That means we are right where we are supposed to be.   This is the point where most people become complacent about their spiritual journey and want to give up.   This is the point where the creative process gives us an abundance of options, where we can feel and act outside the box we have created.  

My plan is to offer a course of work that I will call the Dedicated Practitioner’s Group where folks will commit for a 4-6 month period (I am still feeling into the appropriate length).   Within that time we will meet one evening a week, and for 2 one day retreats.   Participants will also meet with me for 2 hours a month individually.    These 2 hours can be as 4 half hour, 2 one-hour, or 1 2-hour session.    This will help support the movement of one’s journey so the material that one is working with stays fresh and alive.    Individual practices will be created for each participant designed by the participant and myself that will best support their work.    

I would like to let the community get a taste of my work before they have to commit to such an undertaking.   To do this I have decided to offer a 2 day retreat where we will delve into the discipline of freedom.  This 2-day retreat will include meditation woven into group and individual creative work.    We will begin the exploration of bringing our humanness face to face with the unknown, the new, the unseen, the quiet, the wildness and the truth of our being.   

After the retreat those that are interested in signing up for the Dedicated Group can contact me to discuss if we mutually think the Group is a good fit for you.  I will have information and logistics available at the retreat.   One can come to the retreat even if not considering joining the Dedicated Group.   There will be scholarships available for both the retreat and the Dedicated Group.   

The details of the retreat are as follows……..

When – December 2nd and 3rd, 2017

Time – 10:00 to 5:00 both days

Where – Tory’s studio at 5060 Magnolia Rd.

Cost - $185-250 (sliding scale) by November 18th, $250-300 from November 19th to 28th.   Registration will close on November 28th.   Scholarships available!!!!!!!!

Snacks, tea, cushions, backjacks provided.   Bring your own lunch, closed water container and tea mugs, layered clothes for indoor and out, and warm clothes for outside time if weather permits.   Directions will be sent upon registration.    If the weather is bad we will be setting up carpooling from Boulder to the base of Magnolia Rd. where there will be a shuttle from the base of Magnolia Rd. up to the studio.    The retreat will not be cancelled due to weather.   

Send checks payable to Tory Capron, 5060 Magnolia Dr., Nederland, CO 80466.   

Please contact me by email or phone (303-909-8450) if you have any questions. 






Awakening the Heart in Nature - Vallecitos Mountain Retreat, New Mexico (50 miles west of Taos)

With Peter Williams and Victoria Wolf Capron

September 29 - October 4, 2017


This retreat will help participants connect with their heart through meditation and immersion in nature. Contact with nature offers a place of healing for difficult states such as sadness and fear, while activating our joy, inspiration, and delight. Meditation allows us to feel all our emotions, bringing kindness to whatever arises, while letting go of the stories that so often trouble us. As we gain skill in working with our emotions, we discover a confidence that we can handle whatever life throws at us. This allows the heart to awaken even more deeply, loosening its preoccupation with the small self, and opening to transpersonal realms in which we feel a deep sense of belonging with all of creation.

The retreat is a unique training in mindfulness practice, combining traditional indoor meditation with meditation outdoors. Mindful hikes take advantage of this being the optimal time to enjoy the brilliant colors of fall. The hikes–suitable for all levels of walking–will explore the magical La Manga wilderness, the largest old growth forest in the Carson National Forest and one of the most beautiful areas in the mountains of New Mexico.  When we meditate deep in the woods, we regain our intimacy with nature, and experience directly the dharma teachings of Fall–golden meadows, shimmering aspens, bubbling streams, and bugling elks.

The daily schedule will consist of indoor and outdoor practice, and meditation instruction with follow-up time for questions. There will be small group meetings with the teachers to further clarify the practice. To cultivate the meditation process, complete silence is maintained at all times throughout the retreat. The retreat is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners.