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Live-In Caretaker/Caregiver Starting in Late July/Early August

Looking for a live-in caretaker/caregiver in exchange for rent in a quiet and mellow house. We would share the main areas of the house and you would have 2 private bedrooms for your use.  This position would be ideal for a grad student, or someone who works parttime or fulltime from home.  I was hoping one room would be used as a bedroom and the other as an office or something like that.  Note: if you did use it as an office, it would have to be used as more of a study and not somewhere to see clients. I'm not too excited about having strangers coming and going from the house all day.

About me:

I am a 30 year-old male, and I have a CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).  I am a very able bodied man and I can take care of myself. Basically, I don’t need help with mobility, self-care, or anything like that.  What I am looking for is help with keeping up with household tasks, running errands, being driven to appointments, and just generally having another person in the house.  In my freetime I like to meditate, be outside in nature, play board games, play video games, ride my bike when I feel up to it and I blog/help other people who are going through chronic illness.  I come from a close family that all live in Boulder, so my parents and two brothers will be around a good amount.

In exchange for rent, the job expectations would be:

There is a lot of freedom in this position to do things on your own schedule, but there is also a lot of requirements and restrictions in a general sense of needing you to be around.

- Drive me to appointments. I usually have roughly 2 appointments per week.

- Occasionally run errands for or with me

- Day to day household chores and tasks

- General house cleaning. This would include light cleaning and tidying up a few times a week and then a deep clean once a week. (Common areas only. You would not have to clean my spaces, like my room and bathroom)

- General house tasks like taking out trash and emptying dishwasher

- General house maintenance (mow lawn, shovel sidewalks when it snows, weeding, raking leaves in the fall, etc.)

- Having scheduled or blocked off times where you are not necessarily working, but you are still hanging around the house.  During these times you can be doing whatever you, homework, reading, watching tv, cooking.  It is just nice to have someone around the house.  In general this position would be great for someone who is a homebody and likes hanging around the house a lot.

- Cooking a few times a week.  You would not cook all my meals.   always have breakfast taken care of for myself.  For lunch and dinner it would be nice if approximately 60-70% of my meals were covered.  I have a restrictive diet, so you would need to be able to cook wholesome healthy food from scratch and with limited ingredients.  It is also worth noting that I’m okay eating the same thing regularly, so you would be able to just cook one big meal that will last a few days each time you cook and we would be able to sit down together and come up with a list of 5-10 recipes that you can repeat to make it easy on you.

There is not a set number of hours for most of this work.  A lot of the day to day household chores and tasks are things you would be doing anyway if you lived on your own. You would just be picking up my portion of them.  To give you a better idea, here is an example of what a week might look like (the details of this are flexible, it is just to give you a rough idea.)


● Cook

● Be around the house during the evening (you would not be specifically working, but rather just hanging around the house doing your own thing)

● Light cleaning/tidy up house clean


● Take me to appointment at 1:30PM and pick me back up at 2:30PM

● Be around the house during the evening and cook food ( you would not be specifically working, but rather just hanging around the house doing your own thing)


● Light cleaning/tidy up house clean


● Cook

● Take me to appointment at 10:00AM and pick me back up at 11:00AM

● Be around the house during the evening and cook for the next few days.

Friday: Nothing

Saturday: Nothing


● Mow lawn/yard maintenance

● Deep clean of house (Mop floors, scrub bathrooms, clean out refrigerator, clean stove top, wipe down cabinets and baseboards, etc)

● Be around the house during the evening (you would not be specifically working, but rather just hanging around the house doing your own thing)

It is also important to note that I'm sensitive to chemicals and strong scents, so the job would require you to use specific cleaning products around the house, and not to use or wear any strong perfumes, fragrances, or burn incenses.

About the house:

The house is roughly 1,500 sqft. 3 bedroom and 2 bath tri-level home located in the quiet Table Mesa neighborhood.  You would be walking distance to The Table Mesa Shopping Center and South Boulder Rec. Center.  The house has two living spaces, a living room, and a tv den, so there is plenty of space to for both of us.  Minus your two rooms, the house is fully furnished.

There is also some of storage in the garage for anything you might need to store.

The lease would start in August, and I am ultimately looking to do this for a year.  But, with that said, I understand the this is a unique living situation.  Both for you, and for me.  So, it might be a good idea to do a trial month or two at first.  This would give both of us an opportunity to make sure this works.  Then after the trial period, we would sign another lease for the remainder of the year.

About you:

- Flexible schedule (A lot of the stuff like the cleaning and yard maintenance is not scheduled, and does not need to be done at a specific time every day, but things like my appointments will have set times every week.  And, while I can adjust my appointments to fit your schedule to some degree, they will be during the day on weekdays.)

- Good time management skills

- Clean

- Know how to keep up with household cleaning

- Easily self-entertained

- You have initiative

- Okay with no strong chemical smells, incenses, or other strong fragrances/perfumes.

- Gluten free (or okay with being conscious of cross contamination)

- Have reliable transportation

- Clean driving record and proof of car insurance

- Need to be okay with mountain driving. (Some of my appointments are up in the mountains, and we will be driving up Magnolia regularly.)

- My parents and family will still help me out a fair bit, so you need to be okay with them being around the house.

- No drug use (only light drinking and light cannabis use is okay)

- If you travel some, that is okay.  I have backups, and if you did travel you would just need to be good about coordinating with other people to make sure everything is taken care of. But, if you travel a lot, that won't work out.  In terms of short weekend trips, I would like someone that is gone no more that one weekend a month and as far as longer trips anything over a week regularly also most likely will not work.

While this is a quiet living situation, I want this to feel like your house too, and not just a work place, so feel free to have friends over, or to have small gatherings. Just be mindful and respectful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting.  If you are interested in this position, please send a short email to me at and tell me a little about yourself and why you think you might be good for this position.

Thanks, Matt.


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