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  1. Cancellation Policy: For one-day retreats, there is a $25 cancellation fee up to one week before event. No refunds will be issued after that. For multi-day retreats, 50% of the retreat cost will be refunded up to two weeks prior to the retreat start date. No refunds will be issued within two weeks of the retreat start date. Note: In the event that Tory/Golden Bowl cancels an event due to inclement weather, registrants will recieve a full refund less a $15 administrative fee.

2020 Upcoming Retreat/Event Schedule: 


A Public Talk by Tory Capron

What is Freedom?


Through meditation, teachings, and dialogue, we will explore this most provocative concept. We will explore what keeps us from true freedom and how we can live a life that is available, open, loving, spontaneous, connected to intuition, and be able to fully express ourselves openly and with ease.


March 26 | 6:30-8:15pm

The Arbor Institute | 1708 13th Street, Boulder

$20-30 (sliding scale)      
Please RSVP to Tory |
No experience required.  Feel free to invite friends.

Meditation cushions and chairs provided


Free parking starts at 6pm in the City Parking Lots behind BMoCa and Dushanbe Teahouse. There is also parking on 13th St. directly in front of Arbor for $1.25/hour Mon-Sat 7am-7pm.




Earth In Mind - A Nature Based Retreat -

May 22 – 25, 2020

In our times we live with the possibility of ‘The Great Turning’, the possibility of reweaving the human narrative so that we may live in a mutually enhancing manner as members of the wider Earth community. We also live with the possibility of the ‘Great Unravelling’, the continued degradation of many of the human and ecological systems we live within. It is a challenging time to be alive in, yet it is also a privilege – to be awake at this crucial juncture in our collective story, and to participate in the direction of its unfolding.

Location & Facilities: Elk Meadow is located off canyon road in between Boulder and Nederland, about a 25 minute drive from either. We will have access to a beautiful wooden floored studio and the meadow for camping. Vegetarian food will be provided.

Cost: We are asking for $300 to cover rental of the land and studio, as well as the hire of our cook and all food. In the tradition of Dana, the teachers offer their work freely, and in turn invite a freely given contribution to support their lives. This movement toward a reciprocal gift based economy has a significant role to play in bringing forth a culture that embodies both equality and generosity.

Registration: For further information or to registration please contact:

Advanced Practitioner Retreat
June 24 - 28, 2020

The fee for this retreat is $599 which includes all food, camping on grounds and teachings.  This retreat is by invitation only.  Please contact Tory for further information.


Tory's Letter to the Sangha about her interest in Creativity and more...


As many of you know I went to France to study with my beloved creativity and spiritual teacher of 9 years, Paul Oertel.   He helped me come to understand my gift accessing consciousness, spiritual depth and profoundly grounded psychology, through the dharma, meditation, and the creative process. The more I experience my own awakening using the creative process woven together with meditation and the teachings, the more I want to explore this process with you.   

Freedom is found through discipline. This is why the practice of meditation is so important. Within the discipline of being with the stillness, the quiet, and the willingness to be with all experience, we find freedom from the onslaught of our minds and of our culture and touch our essential selves. When we bring this discipline to our art, our creativity, we find the same freedom, the same letting go into our lives and thus come more closely into contact with our True Nature, our undomesticated, pure expression of love. We begin to tell the truth, to find our heart, to find our spirit. This practice is more rigorous then most of us can bear so we stay away and become domesticated autotrons unwilling to let life in too close. And this is why discipline in our practice, our life and our art is fundamental to freedom.  
I have spent 40 years exploring meditation. I have also spent many years exploring creativity through improvisation, theater, dance, other movement forms, and writing. I have always brought some form of creative process into my retreats but I have not focused on it as a primary path to our spiritual journey. I am seeing that if we don’t attend to this part and only sit in meditation we often bypass a very important part of our engagement with life and of an authentic active relationship with ourselves (the good, the bad and the ugly). Life is, as Chogyam Trungkpa Rinpoche said, flexible, fickle and ruthless. When we learn to touch this truth, and our heart, our joy, our pleasure, our sensuality, our humor, there can be a lightness of spirit that arises. Thich Naht Hahn says… that one must develop a lightness of being in order to feel safe enough to delve into and heal the wounded heart.

The next phase of my teaching will include meditation, explorations in nature and a deep dive into our creative world. We will do this creative work through group and individual (witnessed by the group) processes and will be woven deeply together with our psycho/spiritual work. We will use movement, song, music, sounding, spoken word, poetry, improvisation, mask work, writing, anything that is being called for to further one’s own journey. Participants will be asked to bring their musings, their art, their open, curious, willing selves to participate in a meeting of soul and spirit. We are all artists so no one needs to be a declared “artist” in any way. We can all trust our artistry.   

Because I have found that people tend to get close to true freedom and then back away in fear, laziness and delusion and never actually get to taste the real freedom available to them, I have decided to offer a different type of course. I am finding that to really go all the way, one needs discipline, a lot of support and strong sangha around them. They also have to be willing to feel a lot of discomfort at times. To break through old engrained patterning we have to confront all the old defense mechanisms that have kept us safe. When we begin to really embrace those habits, acknowledge them, tell the truth about them, it can be uncomfortable, even terrifying. That means we are right where we are supposed to be. This is the point where most people become complacent about their spiritual journey and want to give up. This is the point where the creative process gives us an abundance of options where we can feel and act outside the boxes we have created.

My plan is to offer a course of work that I will call the Dedicated Practitioner’s Group where folks will commit for a 4-6 month period (I am still feeling into the appropriate length).   Within that time we will meet one evening a week, and for 2 one day retreats. Participants will also meet with me for 2 hours a month individually. These 2 hours can be as 4 half hour, 2 one-hour, or 1 2-hour session. This will help support the movement of one’s journey so the material that one is working with stays fresh and alive.    Individual practices will be created for each participant designed by the participant and myself that will best support their work.    

I would like to let the community get a taste of my work before they have to commit to such an undertaking. To do this I have decided to offer a 2-day retreat where we will delve into the discipline of freedom. This 2-day retreat will include meditation woven into group and individual creative work. We will begin the exploration of bringing our humanness face to face with the unknown, the new, the unseen, the quiet, the wildness and the truth of our being.



To express interest in any or all of the above, please contact Tory Capron at